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Baffled: moving memory sticks from one laptop to another halves it

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Donnor: hp elitebook 8540w (16gb DDR3)
Host: hp elitebook 8570p

Both are i7.

Both the BIOS and the OS (win 7) of the 8570p say I have 8 gigs. If I remove one stick, it sees 4gb.

Does anyone know why?
Thanks in advance.

I'm not following the description of the situation.

It sounds like one of the RAM sticks (or a memory slot) is defective.

Did you try pulling all the RAM out, then installing each stick individually to see if there's any difference between the two?

If not, try different slots for the  RAM sticks in the 8570. See if that brings you up to expected amount of RAM.


Does it only see 1 side of the double-sided stick ?

Each stick is seen as 4gb, alone.
@Ath, maybe. What could be done?

@mouser, same sticks show as different sizes in different laptops. Perfectly functional memory otherwise, uptime in days.


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