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Sending PM's


It puzzles me that under "My Profile" there is no Inbox/Outbox for PM's.
At least, I can't find it.

It only shows up when I want to send someone a PM, but, as said, the in and outbox are not displayed under my profile.

Sending PM's

Maybe this is correct. My experience with other forum sites is that personal messages are often displayed in the profile sections.


There's a link to your PMs next to your avatar.

This is usually where I've found it on other forums, near your login ID.

Ahum . . .  :-[
Indeed, I did not expect/look there.
Often it is found under UserControle something.


It is somewhat odd that it's not in the profile sidebar..
But 4wd has it right, the top place where it says "You have # messages" is the link to click on to get to your message area.


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