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Malware and Spyware. What's the difference?


A while back I used Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Chameleon to kill the FBI Scam on my machine.   :-*    However...

I don't understand why neither one will detect Adware/Tracking Cookies.  Aren't these malware as well?

Today, for instance, I opened Windows Mail but couldn't connect.

I closed everything and ran Chameleon.  After the scan for '...known malicious...' (their words) it automatically connects to MBAM Update then runs a quick-scan.

Don't know if Chameleon finds any malware because the DOS black-screen doesn't list anything.  The quick-scan finds zero.

Seconds later I run Super Anti-Spyware.  It finds (13) Adware/Tracking Cookies.  I click Quarantine and close.

Open Windows Mail and instantly connect/receive.

Usually I run SAS before I shut-down everyday... just forgot yesterday.   :-[


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