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This should be interesting for a few people.

It's a secure communications platform. Looks like it replaces Skype (IM/chat), FB, Twitter, and Email.

They're currently in beta and funding through Indiegogo:

The head honcho gives an interview to RT here:

Likely that interview will turn a few people off as he's far less afraid to speak his mind than most people. Still, he's got conviction.

Oh, and the other thing... They're moving outside of the US as they've had lots of feedback from people basically demanding that.

For the developers out there, in their Indiegogo levels, you'll see this:

Lifetime Developer Account
All features of 1 Lifetime Premium account + reserve your username + 1 Lifetime Developer Account. 
* Access to our supernode code - so you can run your own supernode to support the Unsene network or your own private network
* Developer support  Early access to our developer program and the API before it's released to the public.
You will also get access to monthly developer calls on Unsene.
Premium account will be available in September, developer program available in December 2013.

Estimated delivery: December 2013
--- End quote ---

That's pretty wicked cool.

Now, as to whether they deliver, we'll see. It's interesting to have a peek at for now.


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