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Hack This Toilet and Make It Spray Water All Over Someone’s Butt


Too funny!

Hey, you pranksters. Have you ever wanted to use your smartphone to hack a toilet, freaking out whoever is enjoying their after-coffee ritual by causing the seat to open and close and water to spray all over their sensitive areas? We’re about to make your Friday: according to information security company Trustwave Holdings, the fancy Japanese toilet Satis is easily hackable using just your cell phone.

Each Satis toilet comes preloaded with the same Bluetooth security pin, “0000,” which you need to enter to control it using the accompanying app. This means that anybody who has the Satis app loaded could control any Satis toilet in their general vicinity.
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Links through the link above.

This really takes "toilet humour" to a new level! ;D

Cynical commentary on Wi-Fi devices by Dice:


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