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Ballmer Stepping Down

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Welcome news. However, I'll believe it when I see it. Still I wouldn't want to be the man at the helm when it finally becomes obvious to even the most fervent Windows 8 fanboy that the last six or seven years have been one complete disaster for Microsoft. And furthermore, that this is directly attributable to the miscalls and hubris of the topmost layer of management.

What I really wanted to say...



This thread wouldn't be complete without this piece of musical genius:

"Developers Developers Developers Developers" (Starring Steve Ballmer)
Catchy as **** too! Everyone join me in a round!

But it feels weird, there have only been two chief honchos of MS, so I dunno what the "mood" will be with a third CEO when he moves on.


If we're reminiscing about Steve Ballmer's greatest hits it would be a mistake to leave out this gem.

Just because hype and fashion won doesn't mean he was wrong about that one  :tellme:

I know it's "the thing" to sing the praises of powerful men...but seriously, what has Ballmer brought to the table in concrete terms besides a lot of spleen and bluster? I mean sure, if Microsoft was a power company, and they sat him in front facing one of their wind turbine farms, yeah that would be something. But just spreading FUD and bully-threatening Linux and FOSS developers isn't much of an accomplishment in my book. At least Gates could code. Doing little more than being a major instigator of legal attacks (by proxy no less) for bogus IP and patent claims isn't much to be proud of. Not in my book anyway.



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