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Ballmer Stepping Down

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Yeah, that sounds about like what I remembered reading.

But my "favorite" (though tragic!) moment of MS history is a figurative random meeting where some poor engineer looked at that week's test printouts, and had the *awful* job of informing Steve Ballmer that they had to chuck out *all* of "Longhorn" and start over from scratch! Say what you want about MS as a whole, but for that one/group of engineers, that's up there as the Worst Day Ever!


I am kinda interested in who they pick. Ballmer's been around "as long as I can sorta remember", so snarks aside, I have NO idea who is in the running and what "vision" they could bring.

What if we got a Back to Basics person who told the Metro Marketing team to take a hike, give us back a start menu, fix some other stuff, and more?


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