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how can I search for medical laboratories within 50 miles radius from a specific UK postal code?

A couple of ideas:

Yellow Pages

Put laboratory for business and the postcode, it'll get you out to about a 10 mile radius.  You can try and narrow down the business specifics.

You could also try Google Maps and enter medical laboratory within 50 miles of xxxxx, united kingdom - change xxxxx to the town/city.  Use the Royal Mail Postcode Finder to get it if you don't know it.  Click the Find an address tab, enter the postcode, then click the Find an address button.

Otherwise, if you know specifically what type of laboratory you're after, there's probably a registry that keeps records, (eg. Dental Laboratories have the Dental Laboratory Association in the UK), and you may be able to contact them for a list.

You might try Kompass UK Free UK Business Directory, but it looks like you'd have to manually filter by area, at least in the free version.


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