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Interesting "stuff"

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ich thys:
Yikes! My bad. 'No political posts at all in the regular sections.' Got it.

ich thys:
Notice: I've replied in Basement to 'Riddle' again;
(removed Link).
I hope it will seem fair-minded to post a simple 'Notice' here, but the more substantive content in the Basement 'Riddle' thread, which gives registered DonationCoder members a fair chance to take a whack at solving the puzzle. BTW, it is not political.
What is it? What is 'Riddle' describing?  8)

Just post your updates there.  If someone is interested, they can follow the thread.  Thanks

Arizona Hot:
Interesting "stuff"

The most unusual celebrity baby names, from X Æ A-12 Musk to Ciara's son Win

Interesting "stuff"

Lego launches Braille Bricks for visually impaired and blind children

ich thys:

Fundamental Literature


Rusty maze
-Arizona Hot (April 10, 2020, 12:09 AM)
--- End quote ---

'Rusty maze' reminds me of core Portal levels, which I absolutely loved.


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