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Interesting "stuff"

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Today I Am Releasing Ten Million Passwords
-Arizona Hot (February 10, 2015, 06:13 PM)
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Worth a thread of its own.

From a comment:

* Only one person used correcthorsebatterystaple.
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HAHAHA!  :Thmbsup:

From a comment:

* Only one person used correcthorsebatterystaple.
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HAHAHA!  :Thmbsup
-Renegade (February 11, 2015, 06:37 AM)
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apparently Dropbox objects if you use that :) (

Arizona Hot:
Interesting "stuff"

Facebook Inches Closer To Automatic Facial Recognition - Cameras

Interesting "stuff"

Tinder says it's safe from IBM warning on dating apps

Arizona Hot:

Who here would like to ski like this?

Being a casual sport archer, I found the following video by Anna Maltese (archery instructor, bow-maker, tournament competitor, fire archery practitioner) rebutting some of Lars ("fastest archer on the planet") Andersen's recent postulations rather interesting:
-40hz (February 09, 2015, 08:50 AM)
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Though I can't vouch for the historicity of any of Mr. Andersen's claims, basically he's shown that he's gotten really good at doing archery stuff that looks like it'd be actually useful in medieval melee.  While Ms. Maltese's snarky 'rebuttal' may be based on stuff she knows a thing or two about, her attitude kinda grated on me.

1- "Forgotten" knowledge.
If there's a big book at the library about how to catch egg noodles in the wild with a gunny sack and some pretzels, but everybody still goes down to the grocer and picks them up for a dollar a pound, it's effectively "forgotten", even though the information is readily available.

2- "Trick shooter"
Damn straight, he's damn tricky, but the things he does look actually useful, and it obviously took a lot of practice and built-up skill to pull off what he does.  Nobody is going to pull an arrow out of their heart and say "Haha, nice trick".  Trick shot or not, if you're hit, he wins.

3- "Plate armor"
She goes on about how he's only pulling 10-13 pounds on the bow, and mocks his demonstration of shooting through chain mail by showing a picture of full dress plate armor.  Lady, how many people do you really think were on the battlefield in full plate?  Though I don't buy the myths that they were very heavy or cumbersome, I don't think they were standard issue to any and all foot soldiers.  I don't recall any medieval woodcuts or tapestries showing fields of armor-clad heroes, but plenty of woolen-knickers-and-chainmail-waistcoats.

4- "Left vs. Right"
She takes issue with him saying he has learned to "shoot arrows from the right side of the bow", then sets up a straw man by saying archers shoot on whatever side their strong eye is.  C'mon Ms. Maltese, you know what he meant.

5- "Bamboo arrows"
She takes issue with him being able to split an arrow by saying he had to use bamboo arrows to perform his amazing "split the arrow as it flies" trick.
HE SPLIT AN ARROW THAT WAS FLYING MID-AIR IN HIS GENERAL DIRECTION.  It doesn't matter if it was made of bamboo or drinking straws, HE SPLIT AN ARROW IN MID-AIR.

EDIT: This guy summed up my thoughts and more in a more precise fashion:


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