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Sometimes solar power sucks:

Arizona Hot:

For those of you who have power strip problems also. Etekcity® 10A-18AWG 10-Pack One Foot 3-Prong Outlet

Power strip liberator  eBay

Arizona Hot:

Free tool detects government spyware

Of course, if you're the one doing the spying, you don't need this.

Does it count if you only spy on little countries like Andorra, Monaco and Vatican City?

Arizona Hot:

No, 'Gangnam Style' Didn't Break YouTube. We Did the Math  WIRED

No point organising the fridge, cupboard, suitcase, or any form of storage here - as soon as the wife gets into it any form of organisation goes out the window.
-4wd (December 02, 2014, 07:29 PM)
--- End quote ---

Or the bachelor version:
No point organizing my fridge. The contents consist of half a leftover pizza and a can of Pepsi!



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