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This Ethernet cable costs $10,000...
You probably didn’t know it, but you’ve been buying garbage Ethernet cables your entire life. Fortunately, there’s finally a better option and it only costs as much as a used car.
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Probably the reincarnation of Locus Design Group, (whose Cynosure V2 USB cable was a measly US$3500.00 and was only 3 foot long).

i don't get the mr. edvard's post. i'm an archer too. and i've bow hunted. and to me her critique of andersen's questionable claims seemed very accurate. and my opinion is based on my *own* experience and knowledge of archery. and what is it with that snarky characterization? seriously? i know society expects its girls to show diffidence when criticizing boys. but come on!

and what is it with that snarky characterization? seriously?
-Gwen7 (February 11, 2015, 11:53 PM)
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I thought she might have hammered home some of her points a little harder than necessary at times. But hey! It's all just TV where snarkiness is the norm. So it's not like I thought she was out of line.

And I thought her objections were pretty well-founded. I'm not an archery expert by any stretch. But I do know more than a little about the sport from direct experience over the years.

As far as armour piercing capabilities, a 10-30 lb. draw will most definitely not pierce plate armour - and probably not chainmail either unless the arrow is extremely heavy and hits a weak link. FWIW plate armour is heavy. But it's distributed so it doesn't feel the same as if you were dead lifting an equivalent weight. However, wearing it can tire you out fairly quickly (like ankle and wrist weights can), which is why ground combat was never the preferred mode of fighting for someone wearing plate. They preferred to be mounted on horses for a reason. And it's extremely hot to wear. Heat prostration was always a concern for the armored knights of yore. A good hot day could take down as many of them as a human enemy could.

i know society expects its girls to show diffidence when criticizing boys. but come on!
-Gwen7 (February 11, 2015, 11:53 PM)
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Please don't make this a gender issue.  I was over that in high school.

I took issue with Ms. Maltese's critique because she's obviously personally offended about some guy getting attention for his unconventional archery skills, so much so that she had to make a "snarky" video rebuttal.  When I say "snarky" I mean pretty much what 40Hz said.  There's really no reason to say much of what she said without thinking that she was taking the whole thing a little too personally.  Air quotes?  Seriously?  Friend pulling faces to illustrate her frustration?  Really?

I will admit I don't know a whole bunch about archery.  What I DO know is the guy was doing some amazing things that I've NEVER seen any "trick shooter" do, that obviously took a lot of time and practice to hone into a skill, and was obviously inspired by his personal assessment of historical archery techniques.  I DO agree that his said assessment may be quite spotty, and he should probably rein that in a bit, and say a lot less about how "wrong" others may be.  But to go from there to criticize his methods or technique, I think is unfair at best, and downright malicious at worst.  

I admit my post may have appeared emotionally motivated as well (it was quite longer than I thought it would be), and I apologize for that; but in my opinion, she waxed a bit overmuch on trivial things that really didn't need it, and that tends to get my goat.


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