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Interesting "stuff"

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This is really good. A restaurant finds out why they keep getting bad reviews for being 'slow'.

It's all an image, so no quotes. Once you get to the part where you find out why they're slow, you'll either laugh or cry.

Arizona Hot:
Interesting "stuff"

Finding a Video Poker Bug Made These Guys Rich—Then Vegas Made Them Pay  WIRED

I surfed an Internet tsunami today.

Interesting "stuff"

Google Maps uses camels for Street View in the desert

Interesting "stuff"

Snapchat Hacked 'The Snappening' - Business Insider

Interesting "stuff"

The Most-Searched Destinations In Each State

Arizona Hot:

13 Terrifying Monsters That Will Make You Happy You Live In 2014

How would you like to deal with an 8-foot-tall bug with your bare hands?

Biggest Bear Ever Found—''It Blew My Mind,'' Expert Says

How would you like to walk around outside at night in New York City with your pet adult grizzly bear Winny?


Renny's restaurant and Arizona's Snappening just show this modern world is just harder than we thought! Even the old SciFi writers barely predicted stuff like this!


THIS is wicked cool! Data visualisation of wind speeds across the planet:,4.34,847

Click "earth" for the menu to change it. It also does currents and has lots of options.


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