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Arizona Hot:
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The tech industry can't be trusted on privacy. That's the message we're getting these days – the one we see in headlines about Google Glass ...
-Arizona Hot (October 07, 2013, 10:59 PM)
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Actually we're just about to get to one of the "holy grails" of tech I have kept my eye on for almost a decade.

Monitor Glasses with Video Record.

Skipping the super tech discussion on exactly how it's done, because there are about 5 approaches being tossed around, let's say it's not the "laser at your eyes" because that just creeps me out that you'll go blind if they EVER make a mistake (or malware!). Let's just assume it's "super-magnified forward into a virtual screen" by some as yet unperfected projection.

1. The coolness factor! When properly designed, they look your choice of just like glasses to blend in, or you can do the optional "heavy sunglasses" (which might be 10% easier to produce) a' la Agent Smith of Matrix fame. And I so want to plop a keyboard down on a cafe table and "just start typing into thin air"!

2. "Desktop Computing Anywhere". Why exactly do we need Win Metro again? Your Mouse is already Wireless, so you just take a roll up keyboard and go back to your desktop paradigm!

3. "Local" pic/video. Forget Google Glass - while clever marketing, there doesn't in fact have to have that privacy invasion component! Just think "3rd party Chinese vendors". So it just becomes no more invasive than doing a cell "selfie". But the difference is it is "always on" and esp if you have one of the designs where people can't tell, you  get everything from our goal of watching the police for abuses, to some snoops on other people's privacy via them just not knowing but without the obvious cue of "let me get out my phone."

An online short-episode sci-fi series
 (see attachment in previous post)
2020 by Trend Micro
-Arizona Hot (October 07, 2013, 10:50 PM)
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I "parked this" to check in on later. I get a little sad at having to wait weeks for episodes!
(The really bad one is "Star Trek Phase II that takes a YEAR to get a new episode!)   :o

Well Marissa Mayer is doing something interesting over at Yahoo Mail.

Today they unleashed a brand new Mail that almost does away with the horrific ads and the truly epically awful design, for something that clearly borrows some of Google's features. And they put a Theme Manager on it. So "they" finally noticed that you do email to work, not to watch how a purposeful design "un-usability" feature tricked you into mis-clicking on 4th rate ads!

So I don't know what else to use Yahoo for, but deciding that pennies in their email ads wasn't worth the thousands lost of bad image was a plus in my view!

Arizona Hot:

Microscopic Android: How to get real apps running on the Samsung Galaxy Gear

If you connected it to VR gear or Google Glass would it be more workable?


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