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I had a credit card with an expiration date of December 2019, which I assumed meant it was good throughout the entire month. But a couple days before the New Year (Dec. 30th) I started getting notifications from all sorts of places that my card had expired and that I needed to update my payment information. I even got a "payment declined" notification from one vendor.

No worries, I got the replacement card about a month or so ago. I just updated the information and everything went through. But I was a little puzzled as to why the card was expiring a few days before the end of the month instead of being good through the entire month. And then today I saw this:

Why 2020 started on December 30th

That explains that.

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Interesting "stuff"

Programmer's USB Cable Can Kill Laptop If Machine is Yanked Away

Interesting "stuff"

'Magical' Sunrise Ushers in New Year in Rural Minnesota

'Magical' Sunrise Ushers in New Year in Rural Minnesota - video

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Interesting "stuff"   Interesting "stuff"   Interesting "stuff"   Interesting "stuff"   Interesting "stuff"

Here’s How Employees From Different Industries Decorated Their Workplaces With Very Fitting Christmas Trees

Many other types of trees there, all very creative. More than here in the archive below.

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Images That Will Please Your Eyes

More in the archive below.

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Interesting "stuff"

6 clever Gmail tricks to cut down on regret, frustration and spam

I wasn't able to change the regret timer here.

Interesting "stuff"

51 Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity


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