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Interesting "stuff"

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...This tablet is perfect for paper lovers
-Arizona Hot (December 05, 2016, 09:59 PM)
--- End quote ---

Yes, when I first read about that pad/tablet on another website, I was seriously interested - that is, until I saw the price of US$700plus.    :o

UPDATE 2016-12-07 0407hrs: More information from:
their website
their blog post: Better Paper. Better Thinking

They are just one of many startups that you'll be seeing coming from Norway in coming years. If I'm not wrong they "graduated" from StartupLab Oslo and moved to their offices fairly recently. They are going after both hardware and software. It'll be an interesting one to follow.

Arizona Hot:
Interesting "stuff"

Lima Bean Ice Cream?

Lima Bee Ice Cream recipe

Anybody planning to bring this to their office Christmas party?

Arizona Hot:
Interesting "stuff"   Interesting "stuff"

Pictures from my email. You probably could find them online, but that's where I got them.

The archive below has all 6 pictures.

I'm wondering whether there would be any use for this - or if it could somehow be repurposed.
Hate throwing what might be potentially useful stuff away.
Not "broken" per se, but simply doesn't seem to be able to be got working.
(Text is in spoiler below the sharpened image.)

SpoilerDevice: FilmScan 35i (a 35mm Film Scanner - the Epson V330 scanner can probably do this better).
 I saw this unbranded device had been thrown away in a rubbish skip, together with:
   • a plastic slide carrier
   • a USB cable.
   • (I discovered later that the device comes as standard with a 35mm negative film carrier as well, but that was not with this device.)

A duckgo search showed a list, the first item being a link to a blog article about the thing.
I dl, virus checked  and installed the file linked.
Installation seemed to work OK, but the device did nothing. Its USB connection was OK, and on first being plugged in, pressing the red button on top illuminated the lamp inside, but nothing happened. The lamp would not work after that, until the device was unplugged and plugged in again.
Per blog post: Driver dl: FilmScan35i Driver WinXP - WinVista - Win7 File on disk: FilmScan 35i - itns-300_driver_1.09.exe   
Found manual here: Manuals and Quick Start Guides+VEHO ARCHIVE - Discontinued Products+Scanners+FilmScan 35 I (VFS-001) Slide and Negative Scanner - Square Box+FilmScan35 I (VFS-001) Manual.pdf    

Photo taken: 2016-11-02 2108hrs (actual item). (Shown with mouse for perspective.) Has: "FilmScan 35 I" on top, otherwise unbranded.    Otherwise identical to this branded item.
   Image from:
Photo taken 2016-11-02 2050hrs (base of unit).   
   PO#: 15424792
   Model No. SRO8146
   Made in China
FilmScan 35i - driver install:

Screen clipping taken: 2016-11-02 23:29

Screen clipping taken: 2016-11-03 00


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