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Arizona Hot:
This is a test of the Interesting thread broadcast system. This is only a test.

Interesting "stuff"   Interesting "stuff"    Interesting "stuff"  Interesting "stuff"   Interesting "stuff"

I'll send the last one to my sister who had her birthday yesterday - I didn't get a reply to the email I sent on her birthday.

If I don't get a reply to this one I'll know it's true and inform you.

I guess that's one more reason to celebrate unbirthdays!

Arizona Hot:
We will know the future has happened when people call in sick because they have a computer virus. A new defense in criminal court would be "The computer virus made me do it". If you think this is far off, think about the progress in thought-controlled prosthetics. I doubt anyone will ever call their voice-controlled automated home system "HAL 9000" not only because of the image problems, but because of the irresistible temptation it would cause for computer hackers.

In response to the one about speeding tickets...

It made me think of an old sign they used to have just over the border, when going from New Jersey to Pennsylvania. It was huge and stated the various fine amounts for speeding, depending how fast you were going.

There is a joke about it being interpreted by people from NJ as meaning "Unless you want people to think you are poor, floor it!".


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