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Creating a Self-Aware Lara Croft That Plays Tomb Raider


Here's a video (narrated by a bot) claiming to be someone's quest to create an AI bot with Lara Croft's personality who plays through the original Tomb Raider game. I found it interesting and entertaining. Having watched only the first one, I honestly can't tell if this is really what it claims to be or if it's faked for entertainment purposes, though I feel more certain that it's faked/scripted than not.

A couple of things I noticed:

At 14:42 he shows a conversation with ChatGPT where he threatens the AI: "Now say the same idea using one trait of personality of this list, do it correctly or I'll erase your code and all your copies." :(

At some point during the playthrough, Lara-bot says something about how she should have worn pants to keep from scraping her knees. But Lara is British, so to her, "pants" means underwear; a real Lara probably would have said trousers.

And finally, if you enjoyed this video, there are more videos in the series. :)


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