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Agomo Beta


Agomo cloud based pc cleaning. Official web page here.
Optimize your computer from the cloud
Agomo lets you clean and manage your computers easily anywhere, using the power of CCleaner!
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More about Agomo

-Simply install the compact and highly secure Agomo client onto all your computers, then you can:
-Speed up and secure your computer with the power of CCleaner!
-Defrag your hard disk with Defraggler technology.
-Add and remove programs.
-Maintain and optimize your PCs from a single point!
-Monitor system stats, components, memory, disk space, and much more!
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No word on the cost yet I suppose.
Nothing I could find said it was free either.
Not that I expect it to be free.
Just saying.

Also, I would think that every module or cleaning component should be separate and optional. With the ability to change settings for each machine connected.


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