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Free Online Educational Offering: Major or Minor in Computer Science at Saylor

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Wow, okay, a couple of angles to go for here.

1. "But how much is it worth?" It may be true, but that's *brittle* - it can't hold true forever. (Maybe until the NSA stops spying on us? :P  ) In other words, as long as it was at least tied to actual professors who legit knew their stuff, they can fiddle with the "value pricing". But these kinds of things are starting to catch the public eye, and they are just at the point they can't be forgotten again. Not forever. So another angle is to get someone to start companies hiring *only* people from MMO (Is that the term?) courses. (Legit companies, not scams - you can expect someone will try to bury this stuff under scams too!) 

2. Improve the quality pronto. Because as noted above, people are going to go down in Logical Fallacies in order. So if they can gripe about bad quality materials, ... take that gripe away. Get your favorite 5 grumpy real profs to make/fix the whole degree's worth of courses *including* the real world stuff that so often gets left behind. A Special Lectures seminar is *crucial*. One day do a "stop the zero day" lesson. One day do "Issues in UI" (and for whatever else we hate them for, Apple basically wrote UI 3.0") Your choice of 18 more seminars taken from real life. Maybe it's "Pick 20 of the following 85 seminars"!

3. Copyright mess. Get recordings of the real lectures of the name brand schools! Get them to play the "Marginal Cost" game (zero)! So if you now even have the real lectures, (with simulated office hours etc), you squeeze the snarks even more.

Timeline wise, I think they can stall this meme until after the 2016 Prez elections, and then I think it will explode about 2018.

Wow, okay, a couple of angles to go for here.

[. . .]-TaoPhoenix (September 05, 2013, 01:19 AM)
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What are you even talking about? :huh:


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