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Skins for the player Aimp


My question is about the player Aimp ( or

Its skins are all small. I didn't know people still use monitors set to 640x480...
I don't succeed to enlarge them. I have tried in many ways by Skin Editor (for Aimp2 and Aimp3), no result.
For example I have tried to make the equalizer resizable setting "AllowResizeByHeight/Width" to "True" and setting a large maximum window, but the equalizer is unchangeable anyway.

Is there a way to change the skins by Skin Editor?

Its skins are all small. -Giampy (August 21, 2013, 04:45 AM)
--- End quote ---

the solution is extremely easy: Update!

I have tried the new version just now, but it doesn't work anyway. I don't succeed to enlarge the skins. The equalizer is not still resizable.


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