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Help with 'placing' folder contents -- lots of subfolders, containing 'stuff'


Tentatively here is the program idea.  A window comes up asking for the following:

Root folder __________ (full path. example, c:\downloads).

If a subfolder off root folder, using recursive examination, has more than __________ (give number. example, 10)

of the file type __________ (provide file type. example, jpg)

then move the entire subfolder to the following location __________ (full path. example, c:\jpg)

Let's suppose c:\downloads has several hundred downloads from torrents, etc.  At some point all the subfolders in there have to be arranged and put into their proper places.  Quite a chore.

The proposed program would help with this process.  Subfolders with a bunch of jpg images could be pulled out and placed into an appropriate location.  Same with pdf, epub, and some others.

Would help a lot with the needed re-arranging, housekeeping, management.

Any thoughts?  Already been done??

Nicholas Kormanik

Sounds like someone trying to "download the internet" again... :P

As far as I know there is already software that does something checks a folder and depending on the content you can set rules of what goes where.

For a open source AHK-based solution, look at Belvedere.

Sometimes it's just toooo easy to push the download button.

Thanks for those suggestions.


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