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My Gadget Idea: "Timestamper Disc"

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Since my last post I got to thinking of more and more things around the household that the standalone hardware devices would be perfect for. This could be the type of product that once you find one use for it you'll soon find more uses and come back and buy more.

An obvious advantage with the devices (over app based solutions) is that anyone in a household can read them without the need for all household members (or their guests) to have a smartphone.

I really like the idea and I hope this gets done!  :Thmbsup:

Do consider pricing on the display form factor as that will be a major consideration. Round screens seem to be more expensive than rectangular ones.

LCD/TFT modules vary in price, but you can get them for $1+, though I'd expect to pay more than $1, especially if you don't order a very large number of them. Here's a quick example:

(Keep in mind there that often "1 piece = 1 box/crate" and not 1 module.)

It also appears that there are some below $1, but those numbers are fuzzy (e.g. $0.1~$10.0) and volume is a major consideration. Do you want 10,000?

Round modules seem to be quite a bit more expensive. The cheapest I saw were $6.50+ (going MUCH higher). (A lot say $2, but they give a range of $2 to $100, which isn't useful, i.e. "call us".)

A very small form factor might be more difficult to start.

However, a larger form factor would likely make more sense for industrial/commercial use. e.g. an 8x5 cm unit to stick on the side of (or above) a machine that need to have a part replaced every so often, or be cleaned every so often. My guess is that smaller form factors make more sense for home use, e.g. an 8x5 cm module might be a bit large to stick on a counter-top water filter.

Anyways - just a few thoughts.

think about digital watch type displays instead of more 'regular' displays, and most round displays are probably 'square' displays mounted in a round holder

no idea about price, though given the limited display options these might be cheaper

industrial machinery is often a managed out of a software solution so they can get the most out of their plant (both in production and down time).  Could be useful for small operators, but I'm guessing that in a lot of cases their service intervals might be longer than is practical for a device like this

This might be close to ideal:

* 1. Display Type: 1.44  inch TFT
* 2. Display mode: Transmissive
* 3. Resolution: 1.44 128*(RGB)*128
* 4. Number of colors: 262K
* 5. Outline Dimensions: 30.05*33.82*2.3 mm
* 6. Driver IC: ILI9163 or eqv.
* 7. Interface Type: MPU-8Bit
* 8. Backlight: White 1 LED
* 9. Operating voltage: +2.6V~3.3V
* 10. Viewing Angle: 12  O'clock
* 11. Operating Temp: -20°C~+70°C
* 12. Storage Temp: -30°C~+80°C
It's about the right size, and priced at $1.50 to $3.50 with a minimum order of only 500.

The voltage is pretty low as well. But, it's a touch screen, which is good and bad - more power required, but adds to the "cool" factor.

1.44" was the smallest I could find. I didn't spend a huge amount of time though.

No, gents, this ideally should be an always-on display, like a piece of paper with scribblings would be.
So it needs to be e-ink based.


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