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Test portable multioption answer software


Test portable multioption answer software
I usually use memoriser and memory lifter (this last one have the option multianswer and more, but it's a little complex and heavy for me)
I don't have a great capacity but I need rarely to retain thousands of data in my mind.
So I need to practice. It's hard to me. I think the best and quick way for me is select the answer in a multioption question-answer .
This way

What is the surname of the actor in Rio Bravo
1. wayne
2. Streisand
3. Taylor
4. Reynolds  ?

I think the correct answer is Wayne , select by his number 1

I am happy with memoriser because offer me the opportunity to memorise telephone numbers, exact chains (like a bank account) , etc.

I would like a free leitner method test memory training and light portable.

Best Regards

I am trying mnemosyne , but I see only the option one to one
one question - one answer

umm I have adopted Anki
I don't know why
Seems to be very difficult to make a script to control what I want.
I can't explain
And I have anything better.


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