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Scandalous Intel

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Looking to purchase a Haswell or Ivy Bridge Intel CPU? ... According to bloggers, Intel recently got caught using thermal paste on its CPUs and lying about it – the revelation suggests that Intel CPUs may not last longer than three to five years before succumbing to overheating.
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Unfortunately, building defects into products remains a standard practice in modern industrial societies. After all, the best mousetrap doesn’t make a man rich – it’s the mousetrap that you need to buy 50 times that makes a profit. And CPUs with shorter life expediencies destroy second-hand markets.
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I wonder if this holds true for their mobile chips. Are the chips in high end laptops built to fail also? Not many people replace cpus in a laptop and hopefully they aren't building those to fail. Not to mention the fact that CPU temps are more critical in a laptop.

I was hoping to pick up a high end laptop soon as the mobile advantages of the new Haswell chip are significant. But, I won't drop $1,200 plus on a computer if I thought I would have to throw it away after a few years.


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