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Cody Wilson Interview on Idea City (3D Printing & Defcad)

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Cody Wilson did an interesting interview with Ideacity.

He brings up some interesting points, and also mentions crypto-anarchism. Those interested in privacy will likely find crypto-anarchism interesting. But he also goes on about other topics, including The Pirate Bay and a mention of Edward Snowden.

Here's a quick list of general topics he hits on to help you decide if you want to spend 14 minutes watching.

* 3D printing
* The Pirate Bay
* Edward Snowden
* Legislation - a good deal on this
* What is happening to him
* Crypto-anarchism
* Police state
* Freedom
* Politicization of 3D printing
* Leftist activism/politics (this is surprising and probably NOT what you're thinking)
* Why did you choose a gun to 3D print?
* General item printing - distributed manufacturing
* Rights and weaponry
* Lots more...
He talks about other things, but that's a quick list.

Here's the BIG picture - he talks about 3D printing as a revolution. You can't casually watch - you need to pay attention. It's a pretty heavy interview.

Strange and interesting interview.

Strange and interesting interview.
-mouser (August 27, 2013, 09:00 PM)
--- End quote ---

Very. It really isn't what you're expecting when you think of 3D printing, Cody Wilson, and printing guns.

I really like Cody Wilson. He addresses a lot of issues surrounding the technology that sometimes aren't always obvious for a lot of people.

Another interview:

Short. Don't bother clicking through at the end though.

To my mind, the really sad thing is that there's been so many people NOT involved in the development of the technology or software who have done so much political posturing and trash-talking over 3D printing (Self-styled 'anarchists'? I'm talking about you!) that it's became a hot-button political issue a lot sooner than it needed to. Thanks for playing right into the The Man's hands people! Does the phrase "hook, line, and sinker" mean anything to you? :-\


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