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How could you do with screenshotcaptor - Scrolling Cap


How could you do with screenshotcaptor the capture from the following website:
Image captured lnnked -
Arcindo Lucas

It is a rolling to the bottom image, father Francisco, this site

Hi Cradino,

Go to page in browser, start Screenshot Captor and select "Region or Scrolling Capture". Then notice the red border, assure that you select the interior of your browser window (the area where you see the page) and hold CTRL and click the left mouse button.

In the upcoming window of SC choose "Start a scrolling capture" and follow the instructions on the screen.

For me it said, that scrolling had not worked. But i ignored that and set "Scroll by page (Default)" manually in the combobox after clicking the test button.

Klick the "Ok, lets start a scrolling capture button" and wait till SC did its work capturing and scrolling the browser window.

In the next step click the 2 buttons "Guess margins" and "Guess overlap" to get a correct image without any parts doubled.

Dont forget to "keep" the result (save it).

That gave me a perfect scrolling capture image from the page you mentioned.

Good luck


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