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A new Dropbox Competitor

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Perry Mowbray:
I've been using a Copy account... or rather not, as it's not happy behind the company's firewall. Did discuss with their devs, but they weren't overly worried about fixing.

Cubby, OTOH, works perfectly for me at work and I use it all the time, but not for a lot of stuff.

SpiderOak's new version got more DropBox like, and I've used SO's rooms for 'sending' documents to printers and the like (the way SO's storage works you can have as many copies as you like without it adding up to your allocated space).

I liked the Copy icon  ;)

Having another 20 GB of cloud storage for unimportant stuff is always nice :Thmbsup:.

DropBox' main strength is numbers. Everybody has dropbox -- even people who know little about computers. But I think their default 2 GB free storage is starting to look a bit silly with all the options to get 10-20 GB.

Having another 20 GB of cloud storage for unimportant stuff is always nice :Thmbsup:.
-Jibz (August 15, 2013, 02:46 AM)
--- End quote ---

+1 with heavy emphasis on the word 'unimportant.' :Thmbsup:

That said, between Dropbox, SpiderOak, and the soon to be renamed SkyDrive I'm already covered for offsite "junk" storage and backup.

I use it for redundancy. :)

wraith, signed up for an account using your referral link, so you should see increased storage capacity.


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