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FARR - Options to remove few elements on Launch window?

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Till date, for last 7-8 years, I have been using Launchy for its minimalist design. I found FARR today and find it far more powerful. There are 3 or 4 things on the Launch window I wouldn't like to see though, since I really like minimal windows.

1) How can I remove the Close button?
2) How do I remove the Help and Options buttons?
3) Can I remove the status bar?

I have seen a number of screenshots with some of these been removed, but couldn't find in the help how. One of the skin (slenderFARR) did away with the close button, but that's through a skin, not an option. Could anyone help?

Hi there!

1. Use the slenderFARR skin
2. Hide Help and Options buttons by dragging that window area to the right until it disappears
3. Hide statusbar text with an autohotkey script (There is no way currently to actually disable the statusbar AFAIK)

Great to see another FARR minimalist!  :)

Thank you Nod5!

Removing the status-bar does not seem to have a clean solution, so will live with it.

As you get more into FARR do experiment with the different types of alias commands available. There is a lot you can tweak and customize there to fit and speed up the way you work with programs and files.

If you have a small number of files/programs that you launch very often then set up few dolaunch actions with short launch phrases.
For example, in options > lists > aliases > myaliases.alias  add a new alias and set

--- ---^cc$
in the regex field and then under results

--- ---dolaunch C:\somefolder
With that set up you open FARR, press c twice and the folder opens. No wait for search results and no need to press enter.

Dolaunches are too cool! :) Now I will have to refresh myself on regex again to understand the command you have noted.

And how do I make skins of my own?


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