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Screenshot Captor feedback


1. There is a nice sticky post explaining that feedback should be posted to the bug tracker, but I couldn't find a link to the bug tracker (hence this post being put in the wrong place -- apologies!).

2. My first six months were up today for Screenshot Captor.  The message that popped up today when I restarted my computer talked about going to the link "above."  It should say "below."

3. The page I landed at did not seem to have a login on it.  That should be easy to implement and it sure would make the process more user friendly.

Thank you for Screenshot Captor.  I use it almost every day!  (I'm not very good at it yet though.  Someday I will try to get a bit better at it but not this week -- I'm under a deadline.)

Hi aparente.

1. We should fix any reference to bugtracker -- after using it for a while we decided it was overkill and went back to using the forum.

2. Will fix that above/below text, thanks.

3. There should be a link to a login, but you're right it would be smarter to have a login directly on that page.

Glad you are liking Screenshot Captor! I'm about to release a new update.

As for getting better at it -- there are some videos here that might give you some ideas:

Thanks for the quick reply, glad you didn't mind my posting here.  I forgot the most important piece of feedback.  When I tried to log in to the forum, I used the wrong version of my standard forum password.  Then I had to do a reset.  This could have been avoided if the password choice rules were visible when my first login attempt failed.  If that is too much trouble to implement, then could you just display them always, as a matter of course?  Once I see the rule "eight characters," then I have a pretty good idea what I originally chose as a password.  Hope you can understand my problem (bad memory) and my suggestion.  Thanks.


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