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SOPA 2: The Resurrection...


Hey, not that *I'm* trying to rehash old issues, but it appears others are doing it for us.

SOPA is back, and this time YouTube is a felony...

The task force’s latest report, Copyright Policy, Creativity and Innovation in the Digital Economy, pressures Congress to consider felony convictions for people caught streaming copyrighted songs, music and movies, and some say such legislation would outlaw the practice of uploading homemade cover tunes to the World Wide Web.
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We've been over this a few times:

And in many, many other threads. Those are just a few.

SOPA part 1 got an unceremonious bullet in the back of the head, thanks to the vigilance and dedication of a large number of people and organizations.

However, as you may well have expected, the necromancers in WDC have no qualms about bring the dead back from the grave.

So there you have it...


(I was just dying to make a zombie joke~! :P )

(I was just dying to make a zombie joke~!  :P )
--- End quote ---

I see what you did there


  It couldn't be a better time for them to re-visit SOPA, while the nation has their attention on the NSA, PRISM and the rest, they'll just sneak SOPA under the door while no one's looking....  It's kind of like a bait and switch.....


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