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Thoughts on Replicant? (FSF approved Android fork)


Anyone have any opinions or experience or comments on Replicant?

It's approved of by the FSF, which goes a LLLOOONNNGGG way in my books as far as trust goes. Not so sure about how it is operationally though.

For anyone wondering like I was, Replicant is an open source Android operating system. Or something.

Sounds cool in theory, but the question is: how does it run on my hardware?

Hehehe! You did the same thing I do sometimes! (Miss a bit in the title.) :D

It only runs on some hardware right now, so, kind of bad there, but there are a lot of obstacles for different hardware, so understandable.

It doesn't run on my hardware, but if/when I get a new phone, I might opt for a model that's supported by Replicant.

When I read "Android fork" I didn't realize it was a fork of Android. I thought it was a fork of some software for Android.


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