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Database size

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Being a newbie:

is there a limit to the database size?
where to set it?

Actually, I'd like the size to be UNlimited. Similarly as to whát I am sending to clipboard.
When the database starts to exceed than -say- 1,5-2GB or so, I'd then like to :
- export clips to text files (add create date-time to the filenames), so they can be indexed by my desktop search tool
- then selectively remove clips

Is this possible?

Right now there is no set limit and it should be able to support as large a database as you can throw at it.
I really need to add an export feature, which I will move up on my todo list.

Thanks a lot Mouser.


I forgot I already added an export feature, it's in the file menu.  Sigh sometimes i wonder how i find my feet in the morning.



Yes indeed, it is there.

What I meant is to have the  -contents-  of all (or selected) clips exported to:
a. separate files
b. txt format
c. export files with titles something like "Exported Clip-ddmmyyyy-hhmmss.txt"

Such files can be indexed by a desktop search engine.

Because of the date/time added, in case of exporting again at a later date, CHS will skip or overwrite existing files.



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