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P3005 HP LaserJet printer questions

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I have several of the P3005dn laserjets at my school that are in need of some repairs.  Is it worth it to repair these printers?  Does anyone know what the P stands for... maybe personal?  They print extremely fast and have a quick first page out time.  I just need to see if anyone else has any experiences with this particular printer.  Manufacturing date is Feb 2006 if that makes a difference.


I don't know jack about THAT printer, but... a plain 3005:

$89 refurbished or $45 used. My guess is that it would cost more to repair than to replace it with a refurb. If you have a "callout" fee for a service guy, most likely that itself would pay for one.

And the ~dn model:

A bit more expensive, but marginally. $140 for a refurb.

Thanks Renny.  Mine is a laser and not an inkjet.

Both of those are laserjets.

This is somewhat from memory since I left the IT world in 2006, but IIRC P just means monochromatic (black) compared to CP which would indicated a color printer. The number should tell you the intended market which mostly indicates the expected number of pages per use, per month, and over the printer's lifetime.

3000-3999 is (once again IIRC) the bottom end of the managed workgroup printers it seems likely they are not designed for a large number of pages and are probably a pretty bad deal in terms of cost per page. I typically recommend never going below the 4000 range for workgroup printers. In fact around that same (2005-2006) time I standardized the network I was managing on the 4250. That's also what the elementary school my wife worked at for several years afterward used for regular day to day printing.

Of course it also depends greatly on what kind of repairs you're talking about.


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