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recommend an app to snapshot & restore a folder? (like version control?)

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Try FileHamster.

+1 with Nosh. If you're new to version control, FileHamster is the easiest to start out with.

If you just want to sync folders, there's dozens of really good (and free) sync managers out there. You can find a bunch fo suggestions here.

Especially if there are a large number of files in the folder tree, using the OS folder change notification tend to bog the system.  A version control as suggested, or just zipping up the folder tree, may be simpler. If you use Restore Points Shadow Explorer freeware gives a way to retrieve old versions from restore points.

Vax VMS operating system had file versioning built into the file system.  Glindra
tries to make simulating this behavior simpler.  But it's command line based.  I used it for a short time. It's just that I tended to forget about it since it wasn't intrinsic to the file system.


I can really recommend AJC Active Backup. I use it for years for the same purpose and it saved me a lot of times.

Its very easy to set up and to use and doesn't tend to bog the system even if you have a quite a few folders to backup / watch. And its fast and saves space because it only saves what have changed and not the whole file everytime you make changes to it.

Included is the free AJC Revision Archive

There is an important option to backup open files so AJCB makes a snapshot the moment you save a file even it is still open in the application. This feature will not work with every type of file because some applications lock there files when they are open but then AJCB will make a snapshot as soon you close the application and the file is unlocked.

Have a great day.

Real-time sync is mentioned in this review of FreeFileSync -

I'm not sure if that means monitoring, if it does, it's free/open-source - and gets a good review from IainB.


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