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Autographed Paperback copies of Kyrathaba Rising novel available

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Deep discount of novel on PayHip:

I have 7 more local orders for the book. Combined with the six on this site, that's 13 (and I'm not even a Math major). Perhaps we should order soon. Anyone else want in?

If you are hosting the book on amazon then get your book enrolled to KDP select borrow program. You can get review for your book by keeping the book free for some period. Also there are some people on who promote your gig to review sites. I hope that helps boost some sales.

Thanks mahesh2k. I am familiar with KDP Select, but not particularly a fan of it. It restricts access, giving Amazon sole selling rights for your ebook for 90 days. I don't like that kind of grip on my work by a company that already has a stranglehold on the ebook market. In fact, I think the more competition they receive, the better for authors and buyers. That's why I offer multiple purchase sites for my novel.

I know your suggestion was well-intended, so please don't take offense. I appreciate your input :)

No problem. I agree on that restriction point.


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