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Jetviz, Beautiful Screenshots. Regular $45. Now $9.


Hi DonationCoder,

We develop Jetviz ( It's available for a very limited for $9. This is an exclusive offer for DonationCoder. Here's a sample of what Jetviz can do:

To receive your discount, email [email protected] with the subject "Donation Coder Discount".

Please ask any questions!

Congratulations on your good looking application - and Thanks a lot for the discount!  :up:

Jetviz seems to be a Mac program for Windows. Jetviz also seems to have been made by young people. Young people with good eyesight. Young Mac users.

I was sad to realize that the program's interface won't be any smaller than 750 pixels (height), but it will always take up the full screen at start. My screen is merely 768 pixels, so I can't use Jetviz without first changing the setting for my taskbar (to auto-hide) - but this is not how I want to use my computer.

I didn't find any "Settings" to manage, maybe because of the all black design and the very small characters in a hard-to-read font.

I like the "Magnify" feature a lot, it's really good looking (the 3 "circles" are magnifiers):



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