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IDEA: Eye dropper app to get pixel color for HTML background color


I would love a SIMPLE app that does noting more than allows you to point to a pixel and have the HTML color code copied to the clipboard or a field that you can copy from.

-NOT an always loaded app (doesn't load at startup)
-Simple, quick to use

I found "Instant Eyedropper" (, but I hate how it has an installer (although prob. not really needed) and more importantly, it stays running in your system tray...

I DO like the magnifying glass functionality, which allows you to get just the right pixel though...

Have you tried Pixie

I think it's the one I used for color matching. If I remember right, it's just a standalone exe.  Run then copy paste the info in the format of your choice.  At least I assume the numbers are selectable. It's been awhile since I used it.

Pixie is indeed a standalone exe, which you can use to copy the HTML code (default shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+C).

If you want a color picker with a "normal" window or a bit more options you can try Just Color Picker, which supports portability and has no tray icon.

Another simple one: Colorette. This one has a sound effect and when a color is picked it copies the code to the clipboard and exits.

Try Color Cop (the stand alone version)


And Skrommel also made a simple one too (of course): WhatColor.


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