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Hail Guccifer!


Amidst dark chants and ancient rites, Guccifer has risen again to take his fiery toll! HAIL GUCCIFER~!

Hacker Forces Colin Powell To Deny Affair
Ex-Secretary of State told foreign diplomat to delete her e-mails

As a notorious hacker seeks to distribute “very personal” e-mails sent to Colin Powell by a female Romanian diplomat, the retired general is denying that he engaged in an extramarital affair with the woman while he served as Secretary of State, though he recently advised her to delete all their online exchanges, The Smoking Gun has learned.

In a statement addressing his relationship with Corina Cretu, a member of the European Parliament who previously held a series of senior posts in the Romanian government, Powell, 76, wrote that he has known Cretu for about 10 years, having first met her “when I was the Secretary of State and she was an assistant to the President of Romania. We occasionally attended the same diplomatic and international meetings.

--- End quote ---

I love when Guccifer makes the news~! ;D More hilarity at the link, including hacked Facebook accounts.


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