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Internet Speed Test

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  I just got my internet upgraded less than an hour ago.  So far I'm quite impressed, this Hughes HT1100 Generation 4 modem is quite impressive.  I ran it through several bandwidth speed test from 4 different websites and I'm getting the equivalent of a T2 connection!!!.....

Average speed 13.4 Mbps download and 631 Kbps upload
Max speed 24.9 Mbps download and 7.9 Mbps upload

  This is a big jump from my old 1 Mbps system, so I'm a happy puppy at this time....   :Thmbsup:  Now for some much needed surfing....   8)

WOOHOO! Nice! There's nothing like SPEED on the Internet! And thank God there are no speed limits. (yet...) ;D

Stoic Joker:
Cool man, good show!

Great speeds. Are there data caps?

Great speeds. Are there data caps? -40hz (August 02, 2013, 08:49 PM)
--- End quote ---

  As usual, 10 gigs....


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