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RightNote version 3.0.0 released

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Local Website Archive by Aignes Software (Developer of Website-Watcher) makes the most accurate captures of all that I have used. Not too good with regard to other aspects of data collection/analysis like others, but the captures are as perfect as you will get.
For those pages that aren't easily captured with RN Pro and other programs, I use the Firefox extension Scrapbook and then "capture" the copy that Scrapbook made. Works very well!

-J-Mac (April 13, 2014, 09:36 PM)
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I don't understand why the developer doesn't merge LWA with AM-Notebook.  I really liked that program but no attachments... however I believe that the web archive can archive PDF documents (among others) and integrate with the Pro notebook version.  If I didn't have RN, it might have been an okay workaround.

I've been using Chrome for the last six months or so but I miss the Scrapbook tool.  I should get around to importing some of that into RN...  Thanks for the reminder.  :-)  

ETA:  You're right - the web archive program is pretty amazing.  I just tested a couple of pages that nothing gets right.  I need to think about that one now.


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