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RightNote version 3.0.0 released

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I purchased RN Pro about two years ago - I think. I refused to purchase the Ultra Recall so-called "update" where they wanted $50 with no new features, so I started checking out other similar programs. Ones that would allow downloading web content that I need or want for reference. I started running MyInfo and RightNote in parallel and grabbed whatever content I wanted in both programs. Neither has anywhere near all the capabilities of Ultra Recall Pro, but in truth I never used all of UR's power features. Plus UR would roll over and play dead - or make itself completely useless in some other way - more and more and Kinook was not offering any help, so I figured that if I could at least get most of the features of UR that I really needed then I would be satisfied.

While RightNote failed me a few times the developer has been responsive to my support tickets and got me rolling again each time. MyInfo seemed to work flawlessly for a few months but then I ran into a host of problems with it. And the developer of MyInfo is not nearly as helpful as RightNote's.

So I have been importing a little of my data from Ultra Recall into RightNote over the past several months plus capturing web content as needed. It has held up pretty well but still is lacking some features I feel I need. Biggest negatives I have found:

[*] Attributes for each note/item. There simply aren't any. I was spoiled by UR's Attributes Pane! MyInfo has a feature that is somewhat similar and I guess I would call that "halfway decent". RightNote has nothing similar at all. Bummer.
[*] In RightNote the main UI is a window/browser with tabs across the top. These tabs are called "pages" and each item within a page is a note. Notes are listed in a tree to the left of the UI. A big problem, IMO, is moving notes between pages. Should be able to drag and drop but I have had only very limited success doing this, and I've even lost some notes for good. (NOT a good thing!) So I have abandoned drag and drop for now, which leaves me with RN's apparent favored method. Cut a note from one page and then - guess! Paste it in another page! Almost barbaric IMO, but that's how I have to do it.
[*] A more recent problem is the Evernote sync feature. I have it all set up as directed, but... after what appears to be a successful sync none of my RightNote notes appear in the designated notebook in Evernote. I haven't reported this yet to the developer as I am still working through my process to see if I can find where the disconnect is.

I know there are more nits I could pick but they aren't jumping into my head right away so they must be relatively minor.

Again, since the release notes for this new "major" upgrade concentrate on the Evernote sync process I don’t think there are any other improvements of note. And I don’t like the prospect of paying ~$30 for an upgrade that doesn’t really offer me anything. I was really hoping that BauerApps - the developer of RightNote - was NOT one of those who insists on releasing a major upgrade every year whether it is needed or not, but I guess that was too much to expect. Rats!



Wiznote blows rightnote out of the water and it's free.
Servers are in China, so it might be harder for the NSA to spy on you :). Only the Chinese gov., which may well not care enough :)

Wiznote blows rightnote out of the water and it's free.
Servers are in China-urlwolf (August 10, 2013, 01:20 PM)
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Does that imply Cloud, which is something I'm not interested in?  Also, as it appears to be in Chinese, how much can one expect in the way of Help files?

I've had RN for over a year and haven't found myself using it. If the discount also applies to upgrades, I might take it on spec that I might find a use for it in the future, otherwise, I will pass for now.
-xtabber (August 09, 2013, 11:43 AM)
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Rael has commented that the discount won't apply this time, so I'll also pass.

Running the same discount this month - January 2014.

Unfortunately the items I mentioned in my above post that are missing are still missing.

[*]No note attributes are available, which is important to me.

[*]Plus no improvement in moving notes, which is really poor at this time. When capturing web content I often capture it to the wrong page. Pages are like sections with each item on a page being notes. With many pages opened as tabs across the top, I would need to first open the RN window, navigate to the correct page, and only then perform the capture. I find it easier to just capture at will and then move the captured notes later, when I have more time. The weak "Move Note" feature - cut the note from one page and paste it into another - makes this a more time consuming process.

Also, the Help file is fairly sparse. It reads more like a feature list than a true Help file. And there is no forum for RightNote, so you really have no resources to assist you with the program, other than submitting support emails. I can't call this poor service, since Rael has been responsive to requests for support. But a lot of times I would like to throw an idea or question out to other users; things that don’t really belong in a support request. But there isn't anywhere to do that.




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