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Windows Aero (transparent window borders, etc.) is dead.. Good riddance

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I think the real reason MS want to dump Aero is so that Metro doesn't look completely pants (it still does in my opinion but if you have a nice looking desktop it actually makes Metro look even worse).
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What carol said. I like AERO interface and it is the only thing that makes windows eye candy. Metro tiles reminds me of kanji matching tiles game. Also agree with MS FAIL for the big ribbon toolbars with useless buttons.

Microsoft: One step ahead and four steps back.

Select "Border Padding" from the dropdown menu to change the width.
-PhilB66 (May 22, 2012, 07:34 PM)
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Thanks! I was just clicking on the border and it was selecting "Active Window Border" for me.

+1 for Aero fans  :-[
My son has W7 on his laptop, and I used it at my former job, and I found aero to be rather fetching...:-[
What I found strange, was that turning all the effects off had a negative effect; that is, turning off menu animations and such made everything seem jerky and slow.
However, I do wish these new-fangled theming engines at least had Classic's ability to change the button size. :-*
Now THAT would be an improvement by going backward.

... I had to make my own theme to get the size buttons I wanted in Xfce on Linux, so the penguinistas are not immune, either...  :-[

Late to the party.  I finally got a usable Aero look on W8.  The window borders aren't as pretty as Vista and W7 but it's still better than W8 drab.  Now I can turn the colors back on my hotkey tray utilities without them looking totally lame.

Edit: If you set it too transparent then caption bar will be totally clear.  It's just too weird to get the mouse on it then.  Other programs like Pale Moon, the caption bar is more transparent than what is shown here.  Edit: tweaked it with a bit more transparency and a bit less blur.


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