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Damn Hackers!

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First although I had Wireless (for my Tablets)  my Router is 'fixed' to Adsl line. It was an old Telkom Router and not very secure! Yes password was changed. No remote admin afaik..

Only one connection is allowed on my phone line and my IT friend says that they watch for an unused but on router during night - new one is now switched off at night....

It's a Trendnet 300mbps - been wanting for a while but other expenses kept popping up!

All good now.

@CleverCat: Thanks. That's rather interesting.
What was the loophole/weakness in the old modem that enabled hackers to use your account?
Does the new modem have the same loophole/weakness? If not, why are you switching the new one off at night?
Sorry to keep quizzing you.

A couple of things I like to check:

* Never use WEP -- go for WPA2
* Change the default admin password

^^ Good advice.
Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)
Wi-Fi Protected Access II (WPA2)
I don't think @CleverCat has told us which he was using, yet. If one wasn't using either, then it'd be a bit like leaving one's front door open.

In the past I've had routers that touted WPA/2, but in reality, didn't quite work as advertised. That was years ago though, and where I lived, bandwidth was pretty much free.


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