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Is it good idea of software? Please check my prototype.


Hi all!

We did this - PhotoImp release. Shortly: it can import photos from camera, manage photos, edit and export (convert, resize).

But is it worth efforts? Need your opinion.

About our software:
One simple software to import photos from camera, organize, edit, watermark and save (convert, resize)!  Is it true? Usually the photo processing software is powerful and complicated or simple and lame.  Simple and powerful at the same time sounds like a dream.
Possibly we have found a compromise solution - try PhotoImp.

P.S. Feel safe:

Whether it is worth it depends on your business plan more than the software. It's a very crowded market with popular and established players.

I'm no expert but I think there's room for an easy-to-use software of this kind.
There's Picassa which is okay for beginners but not great imo - often unintuitive.
There's often software comes with cameras. My experiences there havent been great.

Do you reckon is it safe enough to try at this stage - meh, I suppose you do, if you're posting here.
Is there a forum for it?


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