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ExtFS for Windows


Paragon Software has made their new version of ExtFS for Windows free for personal use. It claims to be the only solution that provides full read/write access to Ext4, as wells as Ext2 and Ext3.

As I inch closer to giving Linux a serious tryout, this has been a concern of mine, as I would want to be able to access stored data on portable drives from either OS. I've heard bad things about Windows ExtFS drivers in general, but I've used Paragon products for many years and found them to be very reliable.

I'd be interested in what dual Windows/Linux users here think about this.

...I've used Paragon products for many years and found them to be very reliable.
-xtabber (July 31, 2013, 06:09 AM)
--- End quote ---

Me too; good stuff.

There are plenty of Linux filesystem viewers available for free (as in, read-only) and that's all I've ever needed.  The things I do on either OS are so different as to be disparate, and I find little use for write access from one to the other (although Linux has had solid ntfs support for quite some time now).  Anything I REALLY need to share, I just stick on a USB stick or in a shared folder on the NAS (running Samba, of course).

Nevertheless, native, transparent access to a Linux filesystem is an attractive idea.
Checking out Paragon's offering now, thanks for the tip.  :Thmbsup:


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