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Automotive industry suppressing security info


Nobody really thought any different, eh?

Car key immobiliser hack revelations blocked by UK court

A High Court judge has blocked three security researchers from publishing details of how to crack a car immobilisation system.

German car maker Volkswagen and French defence group Thales obtained the interim ruling after arguing that the information could be used by criminals.


The researchers argued that this risk was overblown since car thieves would need to run a computer program for about two days to make use of the exploit in each case.

They said that removing the sections which VW and Thales wanted expunged would mean their paper would have to be peer reviewed a second time, and they would miss their slot at the conference as a consequence. And they argued that their right to publish was covered by freedom of speech safeguards in the European Convention on Human Rights.

However, the judge ruled that, pending a full trial, the details should be withheld.

--- End quote ---

So, speech is free if a court allows it?

RFID is just such a bad, bad, bad technology when it comes to security.


  Well, if I see someone hanging around my GTI with a laptop, I'll know what he/she's up to.   :P


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