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Why have [Youtube]link string[/youtube] fields gone invisible on DCF?

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Why have #Invalid YouTube Link# fields gone invisible on DCF?
I'm not sure when it started, because I don't use YouTube links all that often, but I noticed a while back that YouTube links that I or other people had created in forum posts sometimes seemed to be "invisible" - still there (you could seem them in the BB code when you quoted a post), but they just didn't display. I reckoned that it was one of my Firefox extensions playing up, but didn't investigate.

Today I noticed today that, apparently without exception, all YouTube links are "invisible".
So I tried disabling a few of the likely suspects in the extensions, restarting Firefox each time. No joy.
Then I started up Firefox in Safe Mode, thinking that ought to do it. Nope. No joy.

I don't know if it is relevant, but I have also had a few SMF errors from DCF today, accompanied by the suggestion that the DC server may be busy.

Using IE10, I can see the little YouTube windows OK, but they are slow/laggy to display/render, so I wondered whether their display in Firefox was being delayed/blocked by something.

Any ideas?

MY OS is Win-64 Home Premium, and Firefox is v23.0 (via the ß channel).

It's HTTPS that's the problem. Delete the S and you're golden.

Ah! Thankyou.    :up:
I have the Firefox HTTPS-Everywhere extension, which forces HTTPS, well - everywhere! After disabling it for the DC site it all works fine now. All the YouTube clips show up.

I guess the HTTPS-prefixed URLs were stuck in the browser history cache, so it kept using those URLs even when the extensions were all disabled in Safe Mode. I shall clear them out.

Define "invisible", I use HTTPS for DC and have no problem:

"Invisible" as in "Invisible, man".
Your screenshot is odd though. I could not have done that. I wonder what is different in my setup?
In your screenshot, what does the red icon with an exclamation point signify?

The thing is, I had not really paid it much mind until it went consistently invisible. It only happened intermittently before then.

Just tested it now. It's consistent and repeatable:
Invisible YouTube frames:
Visible YouTube frames:


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