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URL Snooper 2 Help


I've just downloaded URL Snooper 2 and can't relate the Help contents to what comes on screen when I start snooping. From the "official homepage of URL Snooper" I can see that that I have the "New v2.06 "Simple" mode:" display. However, the available Help section deals exclusively with the "Project URL Snooper - V2.03.08" version. I didn't cotton on to this immediately, going round in circles endeavoring to:

"1. Switch to "Options" tab, and select an Adapter from the Drop-down list.
 2. Switch to the"Search" tab, and click the "Sniff Network" button"

and thinking I was more than stupid . . .

How can I bring my Help section into line with what I have downloaded? 

Hi Oriole,

Sorry for the delay in replying.. The help file is a little out of date, but nothing important has changed.  To get to advanced mode you just click on "Advanced mode" from the File menu.


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