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did you ever throw your back out?

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To >throw your back out<, without throwing?

English is not "a second language" to me, but a foreign language, so I don't NEED to understand what "throw your back out" means in this context, but it sure would ease my mind! I simply don't understand what the cartoon kid is referring to when he says, "your dad threw his back out", unless it simply means to get rid of all the old junk in the closet? The phrase is not explained in any of my many, expensive dictionaries. :-(


The term "throw your back out" refers to injuring your back in a way that you have trouble standing/bending/moving.

It's not a technical term -- people say "i threw my back out" to refer to a temporary condition of extreme back pain/immobility -- something that might happen suddenly if you lift something too heavy and find yourself unable to leave your bed for a few days.

So in the comic, it's saying that the dad "threw his back out" and was stuck in bed for a while.

"Been there, done that" they say. I could feel the pain, just reading mouser's explanation!  

Twenty years ago I had a temporary job in the industry. A stock of old fashioned TVs was to be moved manually one TV at a time - by me and a 3 other guys! After a few days a brainless body-builder guy was added, so we now were 5 (five). His fist action was to mock us for working two and two; "pussies, take a TV per person!". I explained why this was a foolish idea, but he was also a tyrant, so very soon it was "1 person, 1 TV". After 3 days I did a wrong move with a TV in my arms, "I threw my back out", and it took 8 months before I could walk normally again.

Actually I am pleased that I cannot remember his name or looks, because then I cannot really hate him. I am just sad that I didn't have the power to stop his destructive tyranny. Also I am still angry how stupid some of the official rules are; I could not walk and I had no money, but once a week I had to go to the doctor (to get a "sick-note" for one of the council's offices); I will not try here to explain how impossible this situation was.

did you ever throw your back out?

I realize I know what it is to throw your back out.

How "you" tried it, reader?

8 months sounds insanely bad - I can't even imagine! I ripped a back muscle a couple of months back - it was excruciatingly painful the next day and to top it off I had a cough at the same time. Even if I coughed at half-strength it was like someone jabbing a thick needle up my spine... without a doubt, the worst pain I've experienced in my life (I've sprained both ankles several times and on one occasion, twisted my knee.) I was scared to go to sleep lest I coughed at full strength while asleep. I got through the thing relatively unscathed, considering everything that could have gone wrong.

I'd been told that back muscles heal quickly but was surprised to see just how quickly they did. I could do push-ups two weeks later... probably earlier, if I'd been foolish enough. Which is why eight months sounds super-serious! ... glad you're through that phase!  :up:

Yes, I agree with nosh, 8 months sounds extraordinarily long.  I've thrown my back out several times, but I was usually pretty fully recovered in a week or two.  The fastest and most unusual recovery occurred the first time I threw my back out.  My husband drove me to our doctor's office.  I was in my late 20s, and the doctor was probably at least 20 years older than I was.  He told me to stand next to him back to back.  He hoisted me up onto his back, and then lowered me down again.  To my astonishment and delight, my back no longer hurt.  (Alas, that technique never worked again.)


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